Sunday, August 29, 2010

Carnegie Library, Dunfermline

On our third day in Edinburgh we boarded a bus bright and early to visit the public library in Dunfermline. It is the first Carnegie library established in 1883.

Andrew Carnegie decided to use part of his fortune to build libraries all over the world. The one in Dunfermline, his hometown was the first. It used to be the only library in Fife but is now the busiest. In 1982 the library was expanded further to meet the needs of the community.

The librarians at Dunfermline were so kind and really informative. The library has a very large local history collection, as seems to be the norm in Scottish libraries. I found it interesting that they have a large Urdu collection. A lot of their older material, like town records, are kept in a climate controlled storage room. That is actually unusual for a smaller public library, so it made me happy. There is also a Robert Burns collection that is rather extensive.


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